Personal and property protection


EXPOL undertakes the guarding of any premises, buildings and other objects situated in any parts of the country, the preparation of the security plan of warehouses, office buildings, shops, commercial units, as well as the performance of complex tasks related to the guarding.

At the area of property protection, our company offers the following human resources services:

  • Classic property guard, patrol service;
  • Reception service, entrance service;
  • 24-hour automobile patrol service;
  • Watching and catching service preventing shop thefts.

By regular controls, visits together with the contractor, continuous analyses and processing of the occurred situations, we reveal the errors that are disadvantageous for the contractor’s safe operation. Following a risk analysis, we make suggestions for the possible solutions.

With the help of their expertise of over a decade, EXPOL staff developed the basic conditions for professional work, consisting of the following:

  • disciplined task performance with a single approach;
  • building out and operating a single training, controlling and reporting system;
  • continuous contact with the contractor, as well as with the representative of various authorities (especially, the police);
  • quick and professional management of the problematic situations and undesirable processes, and taking decisive and efficient measures.

Throughout the performance of our tasks, we handle the measures taken with special attention at all times, as well as keeping the staff requirements at the appropriate level.


“So that any sports event, cultural or free-time event could provide real experience for the participants, as well as for an economic, political or religious event to be held under relaxed conditions, security is essential. Nowadays, security is an indispensable condition for events.”

Our company undertakes

  • the external and internal securing of community and private events, as well as programmes related to public events;
  • Guarding and protection of installations and areas (parking lot) belonging to the area of the event;
  • Organisation and implementation of the transportation of VIPs and accompanying them.

According to our contractor’s requirements, when preparing the events, we perform security consultation, site survey and risk analysis, as well as make suggestions for any further emerging security measures.