Investigation tasks


We perform classic and specific (e.g. economic) private investigation tasks according to the contractor’s requirements and expectations, along with full confidentiality. Our staff has a high level of general and professional theoretical knowledge, and several decades of professional experience at the various expert areas of domestic law enforcement organs. This experience and knowledge provides sufficient basis for our activity performed at the area of the civil and business sectors.

Our office’s services:

  • Preparation of environmental studies of private entities (e.g. for occupying confidential jobs and for the selection of human resources);
  • Security screening of future business partners, also involving the mapping of the companies executives, members, owners, company information required for contracts, preparation of environmental studies;
  • Targeted screening, controlling, analysis of data from the company registrar, revelation of links between companies and possible personal interlacements;
  • Examination of a company’s real operation;

  • Investigation of people committing abuse at work (thefts, embezzlement, fraud);
  • Organisation of watch-keeping, tracking (monitoring and documentation of observation of people and situations);


Our monitoring, controlling and accompanying tasks are performed with coverage throughout the country, in open or hidden forms.

By lawful monitoring of the companies’ staff, executives can directly view the professionalism and lawfulness of the work performed by their staff, or even of the ethics of their lifestyles.

Our staff makes video, sound and images recordings of probative value of the monitored person and people, about the tasks of either the staff or the contracted partners, the evaluation of which is performed according to the internal regulators, norms and relevant legislative provisions provided to us in advance, as well as according to the contractor’s requirements.