About our company

EXPOL has been founded in 1999 by the former members of the police’ special units. Having reached outstanding results in domestic law enforcement and investigation, personal and property protection, securing events, as well as debt management, our company’s owners and leaders are former, experienced policemen, customs and excise officers, who keep having excellent results at date.

  • Our business credo is based on responsible and excellent quality service, as well as maintaining this service quality.
  • Our strategy is to meet our business partner’s requirements at the domestic market with up-to-date, reliable and high quality service.
  • Our aim is to meet the market challenges, to enhance our competitiveness and increase our company’s good reputation.

EXPOL, when serving and representing its clients by respecting the legislation in effect at all times, is at the same time keeping in mind its contractor’s interests and good reputation. In order to facilitate our work, our permanent legal representative Bolevácz és Vörös Lawyers’ office (www.bvpartners.hu) provides us with the necessary legal background and support.